Visual tidbits

Pieces and parts of past visual work.
Cartoon character of a dna strand carrying a pencil and ruler Brush script logo of the letter 'z' Ink drawing of a rooster Colorful swoosh shape Colorful screen print of a palm tree with clouds and the sun behind Screen print of a sitting camel with rider atop sitting under a crescent moon and starry night sky Graphite typographic treatment reading: Lovely Louisville Logo depicting an anchor with a hop over it along with 3 stars Ink drawing of a rider atop a camel with his stick drawn behind his head Dry ink on paper closeup creating a moon-like cratered surface. Ink drawing bust of a wide smiling man and a staff with a snake spiraling up it near his right shoulder Small logo depicting a white swan with a dark snout Ink drawing of a bull Ink drawing of a barn Graphite drawing of a bull that has 4 flags stuck in his back Logo for StoutGK Graphite drawing of an African American man wearing a straw hat Ink drawing of the sun with lots of clouds around it and a spiral line coiled around the sun Tiny screen printed fleur de lis magnified under a loupe Graphite drawing of a camel and rider atop with a key underneath and star above Screen print of RL Burnside playing guitar Logo reading VIR-SEC with an orange swish coming out of the top of the V Graphite thumbnail sketch of a cute DNA strand character wearing shorts, glasses, and a bowtie Screen print of the sun with clouds partly covering it Screen print of a tamborine dancer, a king, and a servant keeping the king's robe off the ground Digital print of a magic gnome illustration who is wearing a bowtie and waving around magic with his wand Logo treatment reading MERIDIAN with a globe above it Closeup of a screen print depicting a spaceship orbiting a red planet Logo treatment reading BLACKWAVE TV with TV being encircled in a faceted gem Picture of a partly cloudy blue sky Screen print of TE Lawrence riding a camel Closeup of a screen print depicting a spaceship orbiting a red planet