A small, porous refuge from the vectoralists.
Sunset cresting the Rocky mountains in a hazy bliss in the background, foreground appears to be grass moving quickly past the view
Sunsight light eluminates houses in a dense neighborhood, in the background, foreground grass and a bright fence moving quickly past Beams of bright light silhouette a barn in the foreground, background is the Rocky mountains drenched in golden sunset light Late evening sunset light casts a hazy purple light over the Rocky mountains setting the horizon A long road darts a straight line in the vast distant landscape down below what looks to be a high mountain view, framed with a tree to the bottom right part of the crop
Trail extends from bottom of photo crop to a gate on a fence extended past the side of the crop, in the background an expanse of Colorado pointy evergreen trees A hiking trail is carved in the direction away from the viewer, in the background an expanse of Colorado pointy evergreen trees
A meadow brook with a hiking trail in the foreground, background contains a range of the Rocky mountains A hammock + tarp shelter hangs in a misty damp landscape, around the tarp edges hale lies Closeup photo of hale A 3 layer mountain landscape cropped close: steel bright sky at top, blue mountain middle, and Colorado pointy evergreen in the bottom
In the foreground extends a vast bald high mountain landscape scattered with building sized round fecal shaped rock formations, in the distant hazy background lie the Rocky mountains
A trail carves thru a jagged arid landscape A high noon sandy and rocky landscape in the foreground, background contains a craggy looking set of plateu looking rock features A fecal looking smooshed flat rock structure extends into the background mountain expanse 2 round rock structures extend out of a Colorado mountain confer landscape
Thru the trees, a meadown crawls towards a Colorado mountain
An dramatic rounded rock formation protrudes from the mountain thru the trees A tall round rock formation sits in the middle center with the Rocky mountains in the background
A vast Colorado mountain landscape spreads the view with 4 layers: sky at the top, hazy opaque round mountains, pointy evergreen trees, meadow at the bottom
A single entranced cow stands out among a herd of moving indeifferent cattle over a vast mountain and sky background A road weaves thru a Rocky mountain landscape with confer trees in the middleground
A portion of the Appalacian mountain chain expands across the view under a stratified partly clouded day
First person view of a hikers legs and feet extended towards the middleground which are a tree-cropped view of the Appalacian mountains An early morning cattle farm in the foreground sits below a massive expanse of the fog layered Appalacian mountains in the background
2 ponies grazing in the Grayson Highlands with the morning sun illuminating the moutains behind them in the distance
2 tents lit by red and white headlamps on a starry night setup next to a horse fence Portrait of Grayson Highlands pony looking straight at the viewer with a golden morning sun starting to illuminate the mountains and valleys in the background Closeup of a small white flower poking out of a damp leafy ground A tree with a white blaze and trail running along it stands in the foreground with a backpacker hiking down the trail in the background away from the camera
Looking out over a sunny expansive vista in the Grayson Highlands with blue mountains in the background
Grayson Highlands expansive vista with fluffy clouds in the distant sky A backpacker scrambles over a rocky surface
A late day sun illuminates an expansive hill with a trail snaking off into the distant woods at the bottom
Red colored fireworks and smoke make a waterfall-esque texture A plane shoots smoke out of its tail end in the cloudy night sky above Closeup of a plane directly above Purple colored fireworks Sunny portrait of a cat sitting and looking at the viewer 2 military jets in formation above
Dark scene with hammock behind what looks like a man standing with sticks in his hand ready to throw on the fire Sun coming through the woods onto a trail flanked by a large boulder
The faint glow of a fire illuminates the trees above with a starry night barely visible in the background Closeup of a camp fire Closeup of a few clumps of moss on a damp leafy ground A woody scene with a large green and gray rock on the background
Wasp crawling on a window with late afternoon sun shinning in
Portrait of orange cat looking up towards camera Golden retriever running with its rongue out towards you Golden retriever sits on lush green grass with a green bush behind him Cat is moving so fast it is blurred as it jumps with its back arched Night sky looking out in the backyard above the tree line Golden retriever running with a ball in its mouth
A hiker takes a break atop a boulder overlooking a yellowy-orange fall cannopy in Allegheny National Forest 2 campers hunkered down under a tarp in the rainy dark with their headlamps radiating an eery red light Backpacker hiking atop Gregory Bald looks out over the blue rolling mountains in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Backpacker huddled under his tarp shelter with all his gear available on the ground around him 3 star gazer hikers under a night sky with the comet Neowise behind them Golden retriever named 'Bear' swimming in crystal blue pool Golden retriever dog smiling with green grass and blue skies behind her Silhouette of a hurried woman looking away from a kitchen sink that is steaming from cooked pasta draining, afternoon light flooding in from a window behind National guard blackhawk helicopter flying over my house during Breonna Taylor protests Falls Branch Overlook night sky Campers around a fire Lamp of ET, from the movie, with lit up eyes and rib cage Golden retriever named 'Bear' lounging on a couch
Screen print depicting a drawing of a profile bust of a man with a staff and snake winding up it Brown's Ranch hiking with cacti and lots of sun in Phoenix, AZ Crescent partial eclipse Full eclipse with corona Chichen Itza main temple to Quetzalcoatl the plumed serpent Convective bubbly clouds over the gulf of the Caribbean Golden retriever licking his lips in black and white Cloud picture of lots of broccoli looking clouds Looking out car windshield with colorful rainy dark dreay colors and rain drops on the window Oil lamp illuminating a group on a bench in a dark cave Ranger Rick – of mammoth cave – lighting oil lamp Sideways, rotated 90 degrees clockwise golden retriever Dark blue hat with 'Burnside Style' embroidered on it in hand script type Screen print of RL Burnside playing guitar Louisville skyline with dirty filter over it and sun dead center of the frame Golden retriever begging in sun beams Macro view through a loupe of a fleur de lis Black and white wavy clouds Closeup of gray and dark striped cat with big yellow eyes Mercer building from downtown Louisville Orange and pink rosy cloud pattern Louisville skyline with dirty filter over it and sun dead center of the frame Wood cutout stencil portrait of Brad Downey Looking up at the Eiffel Tower Arc de Triomphe with people crowded underneat in Paris French sun dead center of frame Outisde the Louvre in Paris, glass pyramid and fountain in background Bourbon family castle in French countryside Sacre Coeur with blue sky and clouds behind Musee de Orsay clock in dramatic light Juno beach dock with boats and hotels Concrete triangle on a beach in the suns warm glow Statue of two mostly naked people facing away mooning us Metropolitan terminal in Moulin Rouge
Omaha memorial statue with blue skies behind French graveyard with bright sky French church with gravestones all around it
Frosty ice pattern on car window Cars moving across a bridge with a dramatic evening sunset Black & white flower dead center of frame Screen print of a hangd holding a looking glass Puffy cloud pattern Dirty window creating a distressed texture Blurry sparks and what looks like a small explosion Shy turtle with a mossy shell Late night on the Ohio river just outside Louisville, KY with construction spotlights illuminating the water Golden retriever eyes peeking over edge of arm Early morning dramatic lighting of downtown Louisville, KY Macro shot of a jumping spider Peaceful pattern of clouds on a summer day Foggy morning along a railroad track and electrical lines Golden retriever entranced by candle Foggy morning in downtown Louisville, KY Rain droplets on car windshield Golden retriever looking directly at the camera in the dark in black and white
Usain Bolt taking a picture of his pal Jamaican national team practice track with mountains in the background Screen print stencil depicting cowboy on horse Screen print stencil of spaceman Screen print of cowboy on horse in orange on dark blue paper Looking at Santa Monica pier from down the beach
Screen print of space ship Sunset over the ohio river and louisville, kentucky Row of houses from neighborhood passed on the side of the road Looking out the front window of a bus as it cruises down a spanish highway early morning Graffiti tag on a wall surrounded by an urban landscape Peaceful scene at Barceloneta beach looking through palm leaves at people lounging about La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain Spanish Graffiti on a wall surrounded by a urban landscape Ventas metro terminal entrance sign with a blue sky behind City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain
Security guard outside an open door to a large building with his arms crossed and with graffitti blocked out on the wall behind him